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Hey!!! So, a BIG Thank You for Roaming around “Life of Beginner ”.

I’m Saikee, the Girl Behind those thoughts and talks on Life of Beginner, the blog which aim to provide a shape of our perspective.

Are you also curious to know the Why and How? If yes, then maybe you will find something in us. 

In 2020, I started this blog, life of beginner  But, something was missing, what I felt. Even I quit after thinking of failure. You can read my story here.

But soon, I found the missing part, and that was my passion. Why should not I write about the things happening outside? That question kicked my mind and was a great way to start again. 

What do write on Life of Beginner?

I love to write and study random things, from everyday society to people’s minds. But, life is about perspective. We all view, experience or analyze every situation in a different way. 

I try to shape my thoughts with words in this blog. You can read my post on the Overpopulation problem or Gender Inequality. But, I am not alone!!!!

Our team:

Who doesn’t want to have a Guide? I found mine on him. From physics to psychology, polity to spirituality, he has a deep interest in almost everything. As an author of this site, he writes some interesting articles for our “Beginner Family”. You can see Debasish’s Facebook here.

Life of Beginner: Everyday New Thought

If you are our Reader, you probably know our categories. If not, this is all we are- Women Corner, Thoughts and Inspirations. 

In the “thoughts“, we express our point of view on several topics. It’s all beginner’s thoughts on random things.  

If you want to motivate yourself or want to hear some Positive stories, you can check our inspiration part. 

Ok, some may ask, why a Women Corner? I wrote some topics that addressed issues of Women. Everyone can come, read and discuss women issues there. 

Especially for readers:

Everyone has something to say. Maybe you didn’t like some of the arguments we wrote or maybe you wanted to add something from you. We believe in perspective and you have one!! 

In the Submit article part, you can write your mind out!! We will publish it in your name.