How I failed at Blogging

I am a blogger, who failed!! But why, and how?

Some like reading text articles, some love it in video form!! Since I am Reader by default, and love writing a plenty I thought I should start a blog. It was last July when we were locked down due to the COVID pandemic. After researching for several months, I entered the club. And, anyone can guess from the very first line- I couldn’t make that happen!!

How did I start blogging?

After working on some projects as a Freelance Content Writer I get some confidence. I mean, If Someone can pay me for a blog post, why shouldn’t a blog of my own? The Idea was thrilling, And most honourably I had a chance to be Financially Independent!!

I jumped into researching. So I started analysing horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, the pros and cons of having a blog, the income, investment and all. On the vertical axis, I lined up How to start it, how to get a market, how to choose a topic blah blah.

What’s the Result?

When you fall in love, you only see their Good side. If somehow you figure out the dark side, you think you can make them alright too. this is is what happened to me. As writing is in my Blood, I thought I could work for hours and years!!

I learned 3 things in that phase,

  1. Blogger can earn a lot if he is working right!!
  2. This needs consistent work and strategy. 
  3. I can do blogging!

I learnt a lot from Satish K videos, Blogging her way, A cup of Joe, Shout me loud, Neil Patel etc. I get more confidence and opted for planning the blog.

Topic, Domain, Hosting, Social Media:

Now, the main challenge was, How to choose the right Niche. 

So, after a lot of debates, I opted for Lifestyle Blogging for women. Then I choose the domain, “Lifeofbeginner” and bought a Hosting for One Year. Oh, how could I forget, I collect the money from Mom. On one condition only, I have to become Successful!!

I am from Engineering Studies, so it was not much difficult to learn those settings. So, officially I was on the battleground.

I also created Insta, Quora, Pinterest, FB account for this. 

I was ready with almost 7 articles. I posted the first and applied those theories I learnt. The journey started like this. And I was the Happiest Version of Myself.


Soon I started, Planning and Creating Content and Social Media Post. But it seemed so much work. I was not happy with my contents after all. 

I started redesigning my site and reforming the Content. I just posted 2 blogs, 3-6 Instagram posts and get overwhelmed or clueless. 


Actually, my college gets started meanwhile, and I moved to PG. Now I was busier and started ignoring the blog and focused on growing Insta followers. But the tricks did not work.

And I stopped working for a week, during my Cousin’s wedding. It was just after a Month I started. When I returned to College after these, my life took a U-turn. There was some very personal reason, and I get stressed, depressed..broken. Till then I posted 6 articles, 3 on Skin Care, 3 on Lifestyle. I had 5 unpublished work with me.

The End:

During this depression of blog, My Final Exam Routine was released. After spending the whole Semester at home, attending online classed without attention, the Exam seems like a Monster. I have no option left, rather than focusing on my studies. But those personal issues also bothering my physical and mental health. I thought I should quit, or pause Blogging.

A huge Turn:

After quitting for a Month, It becomes a luxury or addiction. But my Mom was my Investor as I said. She started asking about the progress, then and now. I was also feeling Guilty. So, I thought of another U-turn. After Deleting all my posts from Instagram I started posting Motivational Updates. What was my Goal?

To receive 1K followers, and after that, shifting my blog to a self-development blog. But, how could A depressed, lazy women, who can’t develop herself will Motivate others? Yeah, I failed miserably this time and stopped posting. Literally, the dream was over.

But, End is the Beginning:

So I lose, my Mother’s money, get a tag of failure and broken my trust. But, I wanted to look back to the journey once. I analysed my Mistakes, and I could figure out a handful in very little time.

  1. I am Lazy as Hell: Time was never an issue for me, but laziness was. For this reason, I took several days to complete a post. I could not even maintain the social media Engagements. 
  2. I was reactive, not Proactive: During the Blogging period, I reacted to the problems. but I never solved any problem like a proactive. I enjoyed the Sadness and lost my first blogging opportunity. 
  3. Lack of patience: Blogging needs time to taste success. But One or hardly 2 months was not enough to judge. But I quite very early.
  4. The Niche: I started writing on Skincare. But, it was not my favourite area any day. It took a lot of Reserrce to write an unknown Topic. Again shifting the Topic to another niche, where I am not an expert was also a huge mistake one could do. 
  5. I Quit: No matter what the Journey through, I will walk. This was my tagline in mind. But I quit, even before giving my 100%. 

What’s Next?

I already spent 5 months of hosting, so I have my website for another 7 months. So what’s wrong if I start again? So I promise you, I will work again. Yes, it’s my first post after several months. I hope it would motivate me to continue till the end. I will surely update this page, with progress!!

Till Now, Our Goals to be

  1. Posting thrice a weak
  2. Getting 1k Followers

and yes…….Keep working!!!

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