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How MLM business influence you to join?

MLM are popular and very attractive. They promise to give you a luxurious life in no time. But what happens after joining? We discussed How they influence potential customers to join their levels.

First, they don’t tell who they are. Eventually, they build trust and get information about your dream. You get an offer to fulfil those in less effort by investing money in their product. They use Reciprocal nature by giving gifts of kindness. Slowly they grab your commitment to join them. You met several friends of Relative, who said it’s right to join. Every MLM guy is so kind and a motivator. You met people you like and make a family there. Your MLM family is so supportive that you stop believing others outside MLM. You don’t want to leave MLM cause it will separate you from these guys. You met some experts there, who make a Authority. You believe in their expertise and the scarcity they present.

This is what MLM influence is. They use Robert Cialdini’s principle of Persuasion.